Liberty Emily Belle Log Cabin Full Quilt Kit


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As featured in the display window of the Liberty London store!

This Log Cabin is a classic and timeless design. It traditionally features a red fabric at its centre, symbolising the warm hearth in the heart of the home, and then light and dark fabrics on either side of the block.  This version arranges the fabrics in ‘rings’ radiating out from the central square.  This full quilt kit uses the beautiful new Emily Belle quilting cotton collection with its coordinating bright tones.  The Emily Belle collection is a celebration of botanicals including daisies, marguerites, peonies and cornflowers.  They are perfect for a log cabin quilt design and we have curated the colours for the perfect finish.

Full Quilt Size: 60” x 60” (152.5cm x 152.5cm)

YOU WILL NEED (the following are not included in the kit)

Pins, sewing machine, iron, ironing board, rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat

Backing fabric: 65” x 65” (165cm x 165cm). If using a 44” wide quilting cotton, cut two 65” x 44” (165cm x 111cm) pieces, then trim each piece down to be 65” x 33” (165cm x 84cm). Sew the two pieces together along their long edge to make one large square piece.  Liberty Quilting Cotton is perfect to be used as the backing fabric.

Wadding: 65” x 65” (165cm x 165cm)


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