Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric Mountain Panorama C

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Detailed water colour illustrations, inspired by classic ink paintings create a map-like design, which looks like a pictorial guide to an ancient magical world. Here we see the dragon captured in soft washes alluding to its mythical nature.

Liberty’s Tana Lawn™ cotton is a fabric built by obsession, perfected into a modern masterpiece of production through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in the Liberty Printing Mill, located between Milan and Lake Como in northern Italy, Tana realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy. Machine washable and durable enough for daily wear, it can be used to create everything from simple separates to spectacular statement pieces.

Fat Quarter : 45cm x 67cm, (18″ x 26.5″)

By the metre : 137cm (54″) wide, (1m = 39″)

100% Cotton Tana Lawn