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We enter the fantastical world of graphic artist, Aki Jiang. A tapestry of quirky motifs including giant, mouth-wateringly delicious ice creams and candy, larger-than-life lipsticks, and stylised blooms, are woven together with bold shapes and geometric patterns in this surreal, imaginary landscape. Celebrating her iconic simplified style, we were keen for the artist to run away with her imagination and create a whimsical conversational design.

Before Liberty Fabrics established its own design studio in 1952, the company collaborated with numerous external artists, each from a variety of different backgrounds and working across a diverse range of design disciplines. It is this distinctive fusion of styles and techniques that has decisively enriched our archive over the decades. Our founder Sir Arthur Liberty had a keen eye for discovering the exquisite decorative arts of China, from porcelain and embroidery to rugs, bronzes, wallpaper, and furniture, which he sold in his Regent Street store. Today, we continue to work with artists around the world, using our expertise in print design to transform works of art into wearable textile patterns.

For the Eastern Voyage collection, Liberty’s Design Studio worked closely with four talented Chinese artists to bring their stories to life. The narratives they express in their work are often inspired by their country, whether through the use of centuries-old techniques or the depiction of elements that are uniquely Chinese and culturally inseparable from life in China. In a celebration of contrasts, eight carefully curated designs transcend aesthetic boundaries by giving us a glimpse into each artist’s unique perspective and creative expression.

Liberty’s Tana Lawn® cotton is a fabric built by obsession, perfected into a modern masterpiece of production through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in Liberty’s own Printing Mill, located between Milan and Lake Como in northern Italy, Tana realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy. Machine washable and durable enough for daily wear, it can be used to create everything from simple separates to spectacular statement pieces.

Fat Quarter : 45cm x 67cm, (18″ x 26.5″)

By the metre : 137cm (54″) wide, (1m = 39″)

100% Cotton Tana Lawn