SS17 Lovely Liberty Cot Quilt

Anna from the studio has made this really beautiful ‘SS17 Lovely Liberty Cot Quilt’ from the gorgeous new spring summer 2017 Liberty collection.  We all love it when a new collection arrives on the Alice Caroline doorstep and love thinking up projects to make from the wonderful array of prints.

This collection has a lovely palette of patterns and colours to work with.  There is a selection of bright and pale sea colours which make a baby quilt the perfect project.  This SS17 Lovely Liberty Cot Quilt is for the beautiful Elsie who was born in November.  It made a really lovely Christmas present and she’s already snuggled under it during the day.

Eventually, these lovely cot quilts turn into playmats and then make great dolly blankets and tea party table cloths.  It’s a present which is an heirloom and will be used for years to come.  It may even inspire your loved one to start sewing when they are a little older.  A handmade present is one of the best things you can give to a little one.

Fabrics for the SS17 Lovely Liberty Cot Quilt

The fabrics for this quilt have been chosen from the new Spring Summer 2017 ‘Castaway’ collection.  The island and sea theme is a lovely one to work with and the colours are beautiful.

You can buy the selection of fabrics for the quilt here.  We have put the fabrics together for you to make life easy but you could also choose your own selection from the new Castaway collection here.

 It’s backed with Silver Lining B 

The Pattern for the SS17 Lovely Liberty Cot Quilt

The pattern for the quilt is a really simple design of 6 x 8 6 inch squares (you will need a total of 48 squares).  Make sure you lay them out in the design you would like before you start sewing.  The free pattern for this quilt is available here.

 I really hope that this one will be treasured for years and years.