Harper City PJ Liberty Trousers

Harper City Liberty PJ Trousers

Laura has made these super comfy Liberty PJs for her dad as a gift. Men are so tricky to make for so PJ trousers are perfect using Tana Lawn® as its so soft and gentle against your skin. Laura tells us about her make:

“With family visiting soon, I am struck with the harsh truth that I haven’t given them any gifts for about three years now. No birthdays, Christmases, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, nothing, zilch, na-dah, absolute zero. I think I just sent a text with a suitably celebratory GIF. Half a star out of five stars for effort, I admit. May the worst daughter award go to me. However, I maintain that I am not lazy, I blame this lack of gifts wholly on the price of postage. Sending parcels to Australia is horrendously expensive! I also swear that I do love them, I really do, despite how this paragraph may read. Promise!”

“So, what to make for my paternal parental unit… I always find masculine sewn gifts harder, there seems to be a much narrower range of options. However, a quick text to Ma confirmed that yes, Dad has been wearing the same old fraying PJ bottoms to lounge about the house in for years and could really do with new ones. Hurrah! Ma was also kind/sneaky enough to measure the PJ bottoms so I can get the sizing right. Thanks Ma!

The PJ pattern I used was a free download from 5 Out Of 4. The pattern was a print at home on A4 paper and stick together job, which is very convenient and didn’t take more than 30mins to do. It even came with detailed instructions on exactly how to make the them which I don’t often see on free patterns so I was impressed! Find the pattern here:  https://5outof4.com/product/pajama-pants/

I love a pocket in a PJ

“The fabric I used is Harper City from Liberty’s SS22 collection. This fabric is absolutely PERFECT for Dad, so perfect in fact that even if they weren’t visiting soon I’d have had to buy some and save it to make something for him later. As a boy, he’d celebrate his birthdays by skipping school and taking the train into the city so he could spend the day drawing the high-rise buildings instead. This design of this fabric uses a fine-liner pen to make highly detailed illustrations of a cityscape, it is really amazing to look at up close. I’m certain he will approve of the artist’s technique and execution, the buildings are almost real in this print. Liberty Tana Lawn® is the perfect fabric to use for PJ bottoms, it is so soft, cool and comfy to wear.”

My pop of colour to this project

“As Harper City is a monochrome print I was keen to add some pops of colour in the thread and drawstring. His favourite rugby team’s colours are red, white and blue and luckily those colours work well with the black and white fabric. Bright red stitching on the side seams and waistline add a subtle pop of colour. The drawstring is from Kalsi Cords, a UK company specialising in shoelaces, drawstrings, braids etc. Their choice of cords was amazing, I was able to find exactly the red white and blue 5mm cord I had hoped for and it looks so great with the fabric. Find the cord here: https://www.kalsicords.co.uk/product/royal-blue-white-red-herringbone-cord/

I know Dad will love these PJ bottoms and I am relieved to have a great gift to give. The Harper City fabric is so perfect for any lover of buildings and the drawn details in the design are amazing. PJ bottoms are a great handmade gift for both men and women and in Tana Lawn® they are extra luxurious. If you are thinking of having a go making a pair I hope you take the plunge!”