Alice Caroline Advent – Liberty Christmas Baubles

I’m launching the Alice Caroline Advent today with this lovely Liberty Christmas Baubles project.  Visit my Liberty advent section every day to find brilliant gift ideas and Christmas crafting projects.  I want to share my love of Liberty with you this festive season.

Alice Caroline advent

December 1st:  Liberty Christmas Baubles

I have shared these wonderful Liberty Christmas baubles with you before, but know that you go slightly crazy for them each year so I thought I would remind you of this really cute and easy Christmas crafting project.  They are such fun and really easy to make so it’s a project for anyone.  Take yourself away from any stresses of Christmas preparation to make something really beautiful for your Christmas tree.  It’s a great project to do with any little people in your lives – my children had loads of fun making these last year.

Liberty Christmas baublesLiberty Christmas baubles

I love dreaming up new ideas of what to do next with my vast stash of Liberty fabrics.  Christmas is such a busy time that it’s quite refreshing to take some time out and do something I love – making pretty things out of Liberty fabric.  I made them in Christmassy greens and reds but they would look amazing in multi colours or a colour to suit your Christmas colour scheme

Here’s a reminder of how to make your Liberty Christmas Baubles:

Step 1:  Get hold of old baubles (by delving into your storage space!) or buy new ones from any crafting shop, buy some PVA glue and get some Liberty scraps here

Step 2:  Cut the fabric scraps into small pieces (the right size depends on the size of your bauble) – random shapes is fine.

Step 3:  Glue the cut pieces of fabric onto the bauble making sure you use lots of glue.  It’s fine to cover over the top of the fabric with glue as it dries clear.  Cover the whole bauble with the different fabrics.

Step 4:  Let them dry overnight and then hang up at Christmas time to decorate your home.

Done – so easy and fun!

Let the beauty of the festive season begin!