Amazing Quilts for Quilt SOS

I am really overwhelmed by the amazing quilts we have received for the Quilt SOS project. I have had such a variety of beautiful and amazing quilts which have been made with love by my customers.

Here’s a quilt stack of just some of the amazing quilts!


The Quilt SOS project has been one of my favourites projects this year – the idea first came about when I heard about the wonderful charity SOS Children’s Villages.  I have been working with them to come up with a project that would fit with my Alice Caroline ethos.  Ta da – the Quilt SOS project came to life.

I have been humbled by the generosity of my customers –  they have been asked to make quilts in quite a short space of time.  It’s also great that Liberty of London wanted the quilts for an exhibition before they find their final homes in Romania.  This however, meant that we had only a short time to coordinate the sending out of Quilt SOS packs to the quilt makers.  Therefore, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of those wonderful people that have spent their valuable time making some of these amazing quilts.

Here are some of the amazing quilts so far – we hope that they will inspire you to make a quilt next year for the project.  

This one is made by a group of parents and children from the school gate:

The parents are Rachel, Vanessa, Allison, Claire and Paul – (great to see a dad getting involved!)

The children are: Ellie, Maisie, Florence, Maya, Leila, Emilie and Olivia – thanks so much – I am blown away with this stunning quilt.

Amazing quilts

This stunning hearts quilt was made by Irene Baldock – she chose a ‘Surprise Me’ Quilt SOS pack from our website – Emma from the studio choose the colours – so calming and beautiful.  Irene’s design oozes ‘Made with Love’ don’t you think?Amazing Quilts

This stunning Chevron quilt was made for the project by Wendy Piddock – so effective and such fun colours.  This wonderful quilt would brighten up any bedroom.

amazing quilts

I’ve taken them off to the Liberty of London store this week so they can be displayed in their full beauty – another post to follow showing them in the store.  They are on display from NOW until 20th October – I would LOVE you to go and visit.

I’m then taking the quilts to Romania for the orphans to enjoy forever.  Please don’t be disappointed if your quilt hasn’t made it to this blogpost – I am planning on posting them over time in far more detail so that you can see them in their full beauty.

Thanks again for all of those beautiful quilts – you are AMAZING!

Love Alice x