Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting

Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting – what more could you ask for?  Today, I’d like to showcase the work of one of our lovely customers with you.  Suzanne Campion has been one of our loyal customers for years now and I always love everything she makes.  Last year, she made a gorgeous Christmas Cathedral Window cushion and guest designed the pattern for the Alice Caroline library.  I loved this pattern so much that Suzanne has made two new beautiful colour ways of this, surprisingly easy to make, cushion.  It looks like a really tricky pattern but that’s deceptive.
Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting 
I wanted to showcase some of Suzanne’s work.  She’s also supported lots of my projects so I asked her a little about her sewing journey.
You’ve been such a great supporter of our Quilt SOS project since we started 3 years ago.  What inspired you to get involved?
“I first became aware of your Quilt SOS project when I bought some fabrics from your stand at the Festival of Quilts in August 2016. The incentive was driven by the possibility of having a quilt displayed in Liberty London. I was thrilled that I achieved this. Since then I very rarely quilt with anything else. Liberty Tana Lawn is just a pleasure to work with.  I am proud that I have made 8 quilts so far in the last 3 years and looking forward to giving two more children a quilty hug this year.”
Suzanne hand delivered her amazing Cathedral Window quilt to me in the studio last year.  We spent hours poring over the beauty of it and marvelling at the vast amount of work that must have gone into this quilt.  We had a display at the Festival of Quilt last year and this one was viewed by thousands of quilters.  
You have made some really amazing quilts so far.  Your Cathedral Window quilt from 2018 was simply stunning.  How many hours did it take you to make? 
“I am fortunate that I  have an Accuquilt cutting machine as this does speed up the cutting process, it really has been a fantastic addition to the tool kit as I can spend more time sewing and less time cutting. There are 644 half square triangles in just the border! I don’t think my design would have been so elaborate if I had to cut them by hand!”  Here’s Suzanne’s beautiful quilt on it’s way to Krasnik in Poland in 2018.
What are you planning for this year?
“I have started making two quilts for this years SOS. The first one is based on a design that is a Sew Along SAL on instagram by Sarah Ashford of foundation pieced Hot Air Balloons. The second quilt I’m designing is using the ‘Drunken Path’ pattern for a contemporary teenage feel.”
When you brought in your SOS Quilt you also brought in some blocks from the 100 blocks quilt.  Have you finished the quilt?
“Well the good news is that I completed the challenge, however I have not assembled them in to a quilt yet. I am afraid anything for myself tends to get pushed down the to do  list.”
I love the vibrancy of the colours in Suzanne’s blocks.  Her butterfly fussy cutting is also rather beautiful.
Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting  Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting  Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting
You designed the Christmas Cathedral Window cushion for us last year – we love it thank you.  What do you love about the Cathedral window design?
“I love – and maybe slightly addicted – to the machine pieced cathedral window technique. It allows the build up of colour and layers and patterns within pattern. It also looks really impressive but is a lot easier than it looks.”
Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting
What is your design background?
“My Gran taught me to sew when I stayed with her in the summer holidays in Somerset. She made all her dresses and soft furnishings. I still have the needle case that she made me with EPP hexagons. I progressed from tapestry, embroidery and cross stitch to dressmaking at school. My love of colour and construction led me to take a degree in textile design. I specialised in weaving and in my final year I discovered the world of passementerie. I had a successful career working with high-end interior designers making bespoke trimmings and tassels (if you’re ever in Chatsworth House, you can see my work in the Mary Queen of Scott’s Rooms!) until 2004 when I created the first of my two best designs….my daughters! I have now rekindled my love of sewing, making clothing, bags, soft furnishings and have become a quilt making addict!”
What inspired you to make the cushion in new colours?
“I wanted to showcase the fabulous colours that Alice had chosen in her exclusives collection. The two stars of the show are her recolouring of Strawberry Thief and the subtle glimmer of gold on the Betsy Pink.  It is a fabulous collection that work in harmony together. It also gives you the option of a spring / summer look to redecorate your sofa.”
Beautiful Patchwork & Fussy Cutting
What other sewing projects have you got on the go at the moment?
“I have just finished a project with the sewing club at school making quilts for Derby NICU incubators. I am currently joining in an EPP #fussycuttingsewalong on IG using only Liberty fabrics. This has led me on to a project where I am making as many different stars from a 1 m piece of Liberty Ianthe.  Here are some pictures of my work so far.”
Thank you so much for sharing both your projects and talent with me.  I hope this inspires you to make something new.  If you do fancy making one of the new Cathedral Window cushions then you can buy the kit here.
Alice x