Felicite Teal Top

Lucy from the studio has made this gorgeous Felicite Teal Top for her daughter Darcey using my exclusive fabric from the latest collection.  It’s so lovely to see this fabric being used in a garment. Summer seems like a far away time now but I’m planning on sewing my way through the latest UK lockdown and hopefully having lots of lovely things to wear when we are allowed out again.

    Felicite Teal Top Felicite Teal Top

I asked Lucy about making the top.

What pattern did you use?  

“I didn’t use a commercial pattern for this top as the shape is fairly simple.  Darcey bought a top from a Hollister sale last year which she really loves, so I ‘drafted a pattern’ from that (actually I just drew around it onto some newspaper but that doesn’t sound nearly as professional!).  It is essentially just two rectangles of fabric stitched together along each side with a zip inserted into one of those seams. I put bust darts into the front of this top and cut it slightly higher at the front than the back, shaping it slightly under the arms for comfort.”

Felicite Teal Top

Felicite Teal Top
Were there any tricky elements to sewing the top?

“Apart from the fact that I was rushing to make it in time for our holiday, no, not really! It really is a very simple style.  To make it simpler still, I could have missed out the zip and just cut the back panel a little wider to allow it over her head, adding some elastic along the top of the back to gather it in.”

Why did Darcey choose the Felicite Teal fabric?

“So often in the Alice Caroline studio I find myself drawn to a beautiful delicate Liberty floral print wishing I could still make a gorgeous frilly dress for my little girl…but my little girl is all grown up! Imagine how happy I was when I showed her the new exclusive fabric designs and she said she loved the perfectly pretty Felicite Teal! She fell in love with the delicate floral design with white highlights which is offset by the deep teal tone in the background. Her favourite colour has been teal for quite some years and so a beautiful fabric like this was the obvious choice for this top. The top I drafted a pattern from was also a blue background with a light floral design so perhaps she was drawn to it for that.”

Felicite Teal Top

Does she love the finished top?

“Apparently Darcey likes this top just as much as the original one! She has loved how free flowing and lightweight the fabric is so even on the hottest day it has felt like the best thing to wear.”

Where will she wear it do you think?

“She has already worn her new top a lot, when meeting up with friends (from a distance!) during the summer, wearing it with her denim skirt or jeans and a warm, chunky cardy on cooler days. She is looking forward to dressing it up for parties next year!  I think the Felicite Teal just looks so beautiful with denim, maybe it’s because there is a lovely soft vintage feel to the teal colour which just works so well with blues.” 

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Felicite Teal Top with us Lucy and Darcey.