Liberty AW20 Dress

Lara from the studio has made this gorgeous Liberty AW20 Dress using ‘Star Anise A’ from the new AW20 collection.  Louise (also from the studio) is modelling the dress here.  

Liberty AW20 Dress

I asked Lara about the sewing project.  

What fabric did you use and why?

“The main body of the dress uses ‘Star Anise A’ which is a hand painted design with ditsy flowers.  My contrast fabric for the sleeve and pocket edges, as well as for the neck binding and lower band is a grey dotty Makower fabric from Hobbycraft.  I really liked the ditsy fabric and the sunny yellow colourway.  It’s a lovely floral without being to girly.”

The Pattern:

What pattern did you use? “I used a Dottie Angel Simplicity Pattern.  I chose a different one initially, made a toile, but decided I didn’t like the dress so chose the Dottie Angel one instead.  I chose the dress option without a band but added this onto the bottom to give the dress extra length.  I also added a band onto the sleeves in a contrast fabric to give a nice finish.  I may add in some extra darts and gathers as I hopefully loose that pesky lockdown weight!”

Liberty AW20 Dress

Do you love the finished dress?

“I am really pleased with it and will wear it lots.  It’s one that you can dress up or down and that versatility means it will get lots of use.  If I made it again I would put the darts in last as these are not in quite the right place for me.  The ties are slightly too high so I would alter those as well.”

Liberty AW20 Dress Liberty AW20 Dress 

“It’s quite a versatile dress that you can wear with the seasons.  I decided to show a ‘winter’ version – even though it was one of the hottest UK days!”

Liberty AW20 Dress

“I’ve really enjoyed sewing in lockdown and am looking forward to my next project.”