Liberty Hattie Park Dress

Ellie our new (well I say new but she’s been with us for a whole year this week! How ever did we manage without her?) marketing expert has made this completely gorgeous dress using one of the fabrics from the AW22 collection – The House of Liberty.

She’s used Hattie Park B from the collection which is a really sweet ditsy print based on one of the greats – Poppy & Daisy. Ellie tells us about her beautiful dress.

“I was obsessed with Hattie Park as soon as I laid my eyes on it! This print mixes my love of illustration and one of my favourite fabrics, Poppy and Daisy.”

“Liberty worked in collaboration with illustrator Hattie Stewart to create this fun version of the original print. Her illustration style is so vibrant and playful. You should definitely check out her other work on Instagram! What I love about this print is that from afar it looks like your standard floral but if you look closer, you start to see more and more, from sparkles and drips to flowers with eyes that are poking their tongues out!”

“I had to patiently wait a few months for the fabric to arrive at Alice Caroline. But, this did give me a lot of time to think about what I wanted to make. I always believed that making a dress was so far out of my reach but this fabric made me get over my sewing nerves and here I am with a finished dress! I used a super easy beginners smock dress pattern that I found on Etsy.”

As my first piece of Tana Lawn® clothing, I can confirm that it is as soft and lovely to wear as everyone says! As a super fine fabric, it’s also perfect for this heatwave we’re currently having in the UK.

I’m planning on wearing it to my first visit to the Liberty store while I’m in London this weekend!”