Liberty Kimono Jacket

Lara from the studio has made this stunning Liberty Kimono Jacket using one of the Classic fabrics Decadent Blooms.  This is so beautiful and I love the way it drapes.

Liberty Kimono Jacket

I asked Lara abut the sewing project.

Which pattern did you use?

“I used a Simplicity pattern number 8968 and made view A.  I changed the pattern substantially though as I found it too full.  I removed the two front panels on the jacket which means it drapes better.  I put a facing on the collar and front opening as well as cuffs on the sleeves.  I felt that shortening the sleeves and adding cuffs would complement the added facing at the front.  I added light interfacing into the facing and cuffs and then top stitched 7 times on the cuffs and 3 times on the front facing.”

Liberty Kimono Jacket

What made you choose the fabric?

“I absolutely love the colourway and flowers of this ‘Decadent Blooms’ fabric.  The forget-me-nots and peonies in the print are two of my favourite flowers.  I remember them in my garden when I was growing up and they remind me of a beautiful cottage garden.  I also love the combination of colours in this print.  I like the red, green and blue together.”

Liberty Kimono Jacket Liberty Kimono Jacket

“I made the seams inside French seams so that it was all nice and neat and I also top stitched the seams for extra detail”

What do you love about Liberty fabric?”

“My love affair with Liberty fabric started when I was 15.  I went to a B-tech fashion show for Cheltenham Art College at the famous Pump Rooms in Cheltenham.  I went to support a friend of mine and this made me want to study fashion.  My mum came home with a selection of Liberty fabric swatches that she had picked up in a shop near our home.  I started my portfolio using these Liberty prints for art college.  This eventually led to my degree in fashion.”

Liberty Kimono Jacket

Starting at Alice Caroline has been really fun.  It’s been lovely working with Liberty fabrics again.

Thank you Lara for your sewing inspiration.  It’s really beautiful.