Liberty Rapunzel Dress

Having been to Bavaria this summer and seen Schloss Neuschwanstein (the original inspiration for Disney’s castle) and the traditional dress from the region: the Dirndl (the inspiration for Snow White’s and various Disney princesses’s dresses), I decided to make this for my 6 year old. It was such fun to make!

Pattern: Simplicity 4764

After cutting out the front panel (piece No.1) I added a 4″ wide strip of Liberty Capel (held in place with Coccoina glue stick) then pinned satin ribbon in place (see pic 2 for spacing measurements) and stitched along both edges of ribbon. Then I stitched Lace to cover the edges of the Liberty strip and ribbon. I also added lace to the front edges of the overskirt and made the overskirt edges straight and the full length of the dress.

Fabrics: Skirt: Liberty Capel, Bodice: Oakshott, Overskirt: Organdy (from local shop).