Pretty Easter Tea Towel

I felt inspired to make a Spring-coloured pretty tea towel for Easter. I kept it super easy, so this is a project you can sew in an evening!sew-Easter-Tea-Towel


All measurements are in inches.

You will need a white tea towel (or a I made one from a piece of white linen 20in x 25in. To hem the edges: fold 1/4in over along one side, press, fold another 1/4in over, press and stitch through all layers, repeat at three remaining sides.

Wide strip of Liberty fabric: 6.5in wide, x 21in long (or whatever the width of your tea towel is). I used Emma and Georgina

Medium strip of Liberty fabric 4in wide x 21in long. I used Gracey

Thin strip of Liberty fabric 2.5in x 21in long. I used Rachel


  1. Take your widest strip of Liberty and fold over 1/4in on one long side, press. Repeat at other long side. 
  2. 2. Repeat step one with both other pieces of liberty fabric.
  3. 3. position your widest strip of Liberty on your tea towel, 4in from the bottom. pin in place.
  4. Stitch Liberty fabric onto tea towel, along long edges, close to the fold. (leave ends overhanging the edges of the tea towel.
  5. position Medium stip in centre of wide strip and repeat step 4.
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 4 with thin strip of Liberty fabric.
  7. At overhanging end of Liberty, fold over 1/4in, press and fold 1/4in over again behind (at back of) tea towel. Stitch in place close to edge. 

Enjoy your new pretty Easter tea towel!