Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs


Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs

My Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs – I just had to have a go at making these fab Easter eggs this year – after the success of my Christmas baubles, I thought Liberty would look just as great on an Easter tree.  Inspired by Mary Berry and her program about Easter food and decorations, (there was a lovely Easter tree on the Easter feast table – but it would have looked even better in Liberty fabric!) I thought it was about time I had a go.

Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs

Admittedly, there’s not that much time before Easter day – um it’s tomorrow but I thought even if you didn’t manage  to get these made in time for Sunday, then it would be a fab crafting project over the Easter holidays with little ones.  My 8 and 5 year old loved sticking the fabric on the eggs with glue, but better than that, they LOVED blowing the eggs the old fashioned way!

This is also a great way to use up any old scraps of fabric you may have in your stash as it just uses tiny pieces of Liberty. 

Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs

How to make these Lovely Liberty Easter Eggs

You will need: Eggs, PVA glue, paint brush, thin ribbons, Liberty scraps, scissors.

Step 1:  Buy some eggs from the shop – I always buy organic as they taste so good!  Put a pin hole in both the top and bottom of the egg making sure you break thorough the shell right inside the egg.  Blow through one end of the egg making sure you have a bowl underneath.  Blow all of the egg out making sure none is left.  (Use the eggs later- perhaps in a cake!)

Step 2:  Cut the fabric scraps into small pieces – random shapes is fine.

Step 3:  Using a paint brush, glue the cut pieces of fabric onto the egg making sure you use lots of glue.  It’s fine to cover over the top of the fabric with glue as it dries clear.  Cover the whole egg with the different fabrics.  You can use different colours for each egg or go for a rainbow look – both look amazing.

Step 4:  Cut a 6inch length of ribbon, fold it in half and dip the ends in glue. Poke the ends into the hole at the top of and brush more glue around the hole.

Let them dry overnight and then hang up at Easter time to decorate your home – or basically anytime as they look great!

Done – so easy and fun!

Happy Liberty crafting and Happy Easter.