Quilt SOS – Helping Children in Need

I am very excited to be launching our successful ‘Quilt SOS’ project for a second year. Working with the fantastic charity SOS Children’s Villages and with a growing army of talented and kind-hearted quilters, we donate quilts to children who have lost their families.


What could be better than to make quilts for those who really need them? I am putting the call out to people who love to sew to make a Liberty SOS Children’s Villages quilt. We have so much in our lives that we forget that there are people in the world who have virtually nothing. We will be doing what we do best, making quilts for children who truly need them.

I was so overwhelmed by the response of our customers in 2016 – 48 quilts were made by men, women and children across the UK and beyond. Their beautiful handiwork found very worthy homes with the wonderful children of SOS Village Hemeius, Romania.  Many of my customers’ stunning quilts were displayed in the Liberty of London store before I took them directly to the children in Romania.

Seeing the joy on the faces of the children in Romania last year has spurred me on to make more quilts for 2017.


SOS Children’s Villages – this wonderful charity provides homes to children in need.  Each child is looked after by a ‘mother’ in a home within the village.  There are villages in 125 countries around the world and the charity works hard towards every child growing up in a loving family home so that they flourish and reach their full potential.    They have been helping the world’s most vulnerable children for over 65 years. I have chosen the Children’s SOS Village of Vilnius, Lithuania for 2017.   Our goal is to make enough quilts to gift one to every child in the village – that’s 73 quilts!

For more information on the charity visit www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk

If people want to sign up to the project, we would love to hear from them. I will be heavily subsidising the cost of making the quilt, so if you love to sew then please do join us and sign up to make one. The quilts must be made from Liberty fabric on the front and you can sign up via our website, purchase a special quilt kit or choose your own fabric.

We will again be working with the Liberty of London store to display a selection of the quilts later on this year, before they are parcelled up to be taken, by me, to the children of Vilnius SOS Village in Lithuania.  The work of the quilters will be on display for the visitors to Liberty’s famous London store to see from mid- September until the end of October 2017.

I am really excited about running this project again – I can’t think of a better way of spending my time than to make quilts for children in need. It was such an honour to be able to deliver the quilts in person to the children and meet the amazing women who look after them last year.  I am delighted to be supporting this charity again for a second year and can’t wait to see the quilts our customers make.  The variety of the designs and colours were just wonderful and we really value the amount of time every person puts into their quilt to make it such a special gift.

To take part in the Liberty SOS Quilts project please check out this link.


Love Alice x