Beautiful Liberty Blouse

Liberty shirt

Lucy from the studio has made this Beautiful Liberty Blouse using one of the Liberty patterns – The Rosanna Ruffle Top. I absolutely love to see what other people make using Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics as it’s so varied. This is gorgeous. “For me this fabric has just the right amount of Autumnal inspired drama; … Read more

Beautiful Florence May Liberty Dress

Liberty dress

Laura has made this beautiful dress using Florence May A from the 2022 Liberty Classics Collection. This dress has the most wholesome backstory that is bound to make you smile. As well as being a great dressmaker, Laura is also a wonderful storyteller. Here she is to tell us about this gorgeous dress and why … Read more

Liberty Wiltshire Top

liberty blouse

Lucy has made this beautiful blouse for her mum using Wiltshire E – a gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn® classic. Lucy talks about her make below. “It seems to be a weird and wonderful thing about Liberty fabrics that sometimes you can look at a print which you have seen countless times before and all of … Read more

Strawberry Thief Liberty Shawl

One of the lovely Lewes Sewing Bees has made this gorgeous Strawberry Thief Liberty Shawl.  The outer fabric is a lovely wool fabric and Anne has cleverly lined it with Strawberry Thief  J which makes the fabric really shine, both the wool outer and Liberty lining.  The lovely Louise from the studio is modelling the … Read more

Beautiful Liberty Dress

Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric Libby dress

Laura has made another Beautiful Liberty Dress using one of the stunning fabrics from the new classics range. She’s made it using ‘Libby’ from the new Liberty Classics which is a small floral depicting daisies in fun colours. The pattern is one of Laura’s own creations which makes her super talented.     I asked … Read more

Gorgeous Liberty Dress

Laura from the office has made this Gorgeous Liberty Dress.  She’s used the Strawberry Thief fabric from the new 40th classics anniversary collection.  It’s the same fabric as Annie’s dress last week.  Both are really cute and work really well in this fabric. I asked Laura about the sewing project.  She said “I fell in … Read more

Beautiful Strawberry Thief Dress

liberty dress

Sarah from the studio has made this beautiful Strawberry Thief Dress from one of the new 40th Classics fabrics.  She has made it for her daughter Annie who is a huge fan of the Strawberry Thief design.  Annie has excellent taste.   The fabric chosen is Strawberry Thief A from the new celebratory classics collection.  The pattern … Read more

A Liberty Jumpsuit for Gwen

Liberty dress

Sarah from the studio has made this gorgeous Liberty Jumpsuit for her daughter Gwen.  Gwen chose the pattern and fabric – both are great choices. Gwen said “I chose the fabric because I loved the colour and pale blue is really in this season.    This is a really pretty way of wearing pale blue. … Read more