Liberty Wholecloth Quilt – using the beautiful Tresco and Wildflowers

Some fabrics are just too beautiful to cut up so I’ve made this Liberty Wholecloth Quilt from two of my absolute favourites.  There’s nothing quite like Tresco and Wildflowers as Liberty prints – they are simply stunning and I wanted to make a whole cloth quilt out of these peachy new colour ways of these popular prints. 


The Fabric:

These prints are from the Contemporary Classic collection recently launched by Liberty.  These are some of the most popular Liberty prints from the past but are produced in lovely new colour ways.  


Wild Flowers – designed by Su Blackwell this beautiful Liberty print is a recollection of early childhood journeys across the British landscape in discovery of native flora.  This joyous Liberty fabric was initially inspired by illustrations from an early 19th century book, ‘Field Guide to Wild Flowers’.

Tresco – is a watercolour print of the study of a selection of flowers, ferns and succulents from the windswept sand dunes and landscaped borders of the Abbey Garden.  This Liberty fabric represents the rich collection of plants gathered from around the globe.

You can buy Wildflowers F here and Tresco F here


The Method:

1.Making a Liberty Wholecloth Quilt is a simple quilting project – decide on what size you want your quilt to be and buy the relevant amount of fabric to suit.  You will also need to buy the batting to go inside your two sides of fabric to make the quilt sandwich.

2.Make up the quilt sandwich making sure you iron out any creases first as these can fold over and cause double stitching of the fabric.  I pin the quilt sandwich together at regular intervals using safety pins and then I start quilting.  You can quilt this yourself buy using any design you choose or you could send it away to be long arm quilted.

3.Bind the quilt by using one of the fabrics in the quilt, or a fabric which contrasts with the front and back of the quilt.  

Happy sewing!