Lucy’s Liberty Christmas Jumper

Lucy’s Liberty Christmas Jumper is a lovely appliqué project that can be made in a couple of hours. Lucy tells us about her up-cycle project below.

Lucy's Liberty Christmas Jumper

“This year instead of going out and buying myself a new Christmas jumper I decided to get stuck into a bit of festive up-cycling. I have had a sweater for a long time now which always feels slightly Christmassy yet never quite Christmassy enough to really count as a Christmas jumper.  It is a dark colour with white spots all over it which always makes me think of a snowy night sky.  I chose to add a simple Christmas tree design right in the middle using a combination of some of Liberty’s beautiful green Tana Lawn fabrics. I had these particular fabric scraps tucked away in my stash, but charm squares or fat quarter bundles would be perfect for this kind of project.”

Lucy's Liberty Christmas Jumper

“I began by drawing a tree onto paper. Once I was happy with the size and shape, I traced each section individually onto the paper side of a sheet of bondaweb.  I then followed the instructions on the bondaweb packaging to fuse each tree section onto the fabric pieces and then onto the jumper (taking care not to let the iron stick to the wool!).  

Finally I machine stitched (using a simple straight stitch) around the edge of each section to secure them in place.”

Lucy's Liberty Christmas Jumper

“At this point I deliberated for a while over adding something else…something sparkly maybe…beads? Sequins? Pom-poms? But sometimes you just need to know when to step away, so in the end I decided to leave it just the way it is…for now at least!”

I love this project. We’ve probably all got a ‘little used’ jumper in the back of the wardrobe that could be up-cycled. this is a great Liberty version.