Liberty Christmas Stocking & Decorations

Ruth from the studio has made these Liberty Christmas Stocking & Decorations. They are all made using a 2.5″ Christmas Charm pack showcasing how much you can make with one set of pretty Christmas Liberty fabrics.

Liberty Christmas Stocking - made using Liberty Tana Lawn

Ruth’s written a brief set of instructions for the Christmas stocking. You still have time to make one to hang by the fireplace using up your Liberty scraps:

“I started by cutting a set of 2.5” squares out of the cream quilting cotton.  I then pinned a square of cream to a 2.5” square of Tana (right sides together) and marked a straight line corner to corner (diagonally).  I sewed twice, 1/8” either side of the line then cut along the line with scissors.  

I was then left with 2 x squares.  I continued until I had enough to cover the area of a paper stocking shape template I had made earlier for each of the two sides.  

I then laid the squares onto my wadding (Heirloom 80/20) and stitched ‘in the ditch’ to hold the layers together. Then I pinned and sewed round the outline of the stocking shape (leaving the top open) to attach the front to the back

Next I cut out and sewed the two pieces of lining fabric (leaving the top open and a gap in the side of about 3” for turning through) and pushed it inside the outer fabric (right sides together).  I sewed around the top opening then turned it the right way round through the hole I left in the lining material.  Finally I stitched up the hole and added the trim and sequins.”

Liberty Christmas Stocking - made using Liberty Tana Lawn

Ruth has also made a sweet hanging decoration for her tree. The hexagon decoration uses Hexiform covered in Liberty Tana Lawn fabric which gives the Tana fabric a bit more structure. This means that it works really well for a Christmas decoration and hangs beautifully. This is a really simple way to get addicted to EPP (English Paper Piecing) and a great place to start to see if you like it as a sewing technique. Thanks for sharing your lovely projects with us Ruth.

Liberty Christmas Decorations - made using Liberty Tana Lawn